You can visit to complete your router Setup. We humans cannot imagine today’s world without the internet. As the internet has transformed our society. It contributed a lot to improve almost all the fields. The Internet is everyone’s basic need. The internet has introduced to people and has limited availability. Thatswhy, In starting only professionals and big offices had internet access for big tasks. But, Now the internet is everywhere. Now you can access the internet at home, office, industries and almost everywhere.

Internet-enhanced and improved the working of many fields and sectors. For example, Accounting, multimedia, e-commerce business, online shopping, online banking, online marketing, and many more. The Internet is one of the basic necessities of life. Because everything is dependent on the internet network. You can call and Routers as the networking device. Router transfers the data packets from one computer networks to another. It controls the internet traffic and works on the internet network.

For example,, Web copies, web pages, and e-mails are the small units which carry the information in them called as Data packets. These data packets travel from one point to another and form an internetwork. Until they reach the destination node. A router can work with two or more data lines from different networks at the same time. When any data packet arrives in any of these lines. Then, Router reads the data packet’s network address information to retrieve its destination address. Destination address refers to the place where the router has to send these data packets.

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There are many types of routers available in the market. If you want to use a router for domestic use. Then you can use small routers. These routers and send IP packets between home computers and the internet. For example, A DSL router connects to the internet through ISP(Internet service provider).  Many companies are producing routers all around the world. Routers majorly belong to two types such as wireless routers or wired routers.

Basically, Wireless routers work on the most recent technologies such as Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) and LTE (Long Term Evolution). The wired router works with wired mediums such as Ethernet cables and powerline for internet connectivity and access. and Routers are available in many different configurations. Users should buy a router in accordance with their internet usage, speed requirements, and configuration. Users should try to figure out which router suits them best according to their internet consumption, Internet speed they want.

You can purchase many routers having a specific time warranty with them and some routers are even available with a lifetime warranty. Routers are responsible for receiving and sending information on the internet. If you want to set up a router on a network. Then you need to install its related hardware and software components in this process. The wireless routers can establish the network without using any wire. You should install wireless routers in the center of your house. It enables you to access the internet in any part of your houses such as a room, swimming pool or any other part of your house with its help. If you compare bridges with routers. Then you will get to know that bridges don’t understand the paths of the data packets. This is the reason why routers are best to use for networking and the internet. Netgear

A router sends the data packets and defines paths for three networks. For example Transportation networks, Electronic networks, and telephone networks. with Routers has to do two functions such as using a control plane and forwarding plane. In control plane, Its functioning is clear as it sends the data packets to their particular destination address. While in forwarding plane router just delivers the data packets. It does not emphasize on the receiving and sending of data packets like control plane.

Its aim is to just deliver the data packets. OSI Model’s data link layer decides to either forwarding the data packets or not. Routers and send the data packets in a well-organized way. A Router minimizes the load of the data received and transferred. A router creates and maintains the connection between hosts of the network. If the main part of the router fails to transfer the data packets then its alternative parts could transfer these data packets. Wireless routers are the advanced version of routers.

  • Routers can connect many different architectures of the network, For example, Token Ring and Ethernet.
  • The router decides and selects the best possible path across an internetwork using various dynamic routing techniques.
  • Router minimizes the networking traffic by and makes collision domains.
  • A router can also minimize networking traffic by making broadcast domains.

There are Four types of routers available in the market. You can see all types of routers below. Edge routers, Subscriber edge routers, Inter-provider business routers,, Core routers. Router’s performance is dependent on its configuration and bandwidth. For example, The Router can have a configuration of 2.4 gigahertz or 5 gigahertz. Generally, Many users access their internet networks occasionally. Router transfers its available bandwidth to the other users who need it.

These routers and can do many different kinds of tasks. You can connect your Broadband router to the computers and as well as internet network. If a user wants to connect to the internet network via Voice over IP technology (VOIP). Then a special type of modem (ADSL). Which has both ethernet and phone jacks will be used. Wireless routers can transmit the wi-fi signals in your home and office.

So, If you have any pc, smartphone which is placed near the internet router. Then you can connect it to your internet router and access, internet on it. If you want the security of their wireless internet network. You can assign it a unique password and secure it from unwanted users. If you want to secure your internet network. Then you have to sign in into your router with the username and password provided earlier. password>>set a password. After you set the password on your router. You can add any device which you want to connect with your network. You have to enter the password.

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1. Edge Routers: Edge routers can be used at the edge of the ISP network. These routers configure with and external protocols like BGP (Border gateway protocol) to another BGP of a large organization.

2.Subscriber Edge Routers: Any end user or an organization can use these type of routers. These routers get configured with to broadcast external BGP to their provider’s AS(s)

3.Inter-provider Border Routers: Inter-provider Border Routers Interconnects various ISPs. These Inter-provider Border Routers speaks BGP. Which maintains BGP sessions with other BGP’s speaking routers in other providers’ AS(s).

4.Core Routers: These routers can be installed in the middle of a LAN (local area network) network. Rather than at its endpoints or regular intervals. In a few cases, These routers, interconnects the distribution routers from multiple buildings of a single campus (LAN), or Large Enterprise Location WAN(wide area network). You have to optimize Core routers to get higher bandwidth. refused to connect

Home networks and small business networks have vast importance in today’s life. Wired and wireless routers maintain the configuration information and routing task in their routing table and functions. Router filters the networking traffic of incoming and outgoing data packets. These data packets are forwarded by routers and according to their IP addresses. Reset Password

Sometimes it is very difficult to configure a new router on It is difficult to set up your router in a new place. In general, It is not difficult to configure a router but if a user is setting it for the first time. If a user doesn’t know how to configure a router. If a user is not technically savvy to these devices. He may face a hard time configuring it. In that case, They have to contact an IT guy.

These issues can also be called as one of the most common issues that a user face in their routers. Firmware for the router needs to be updated on a regular basis. You can update it whenever any new update is available for your router. You should update your router so that it could work with efficiency. When your router works with efficiency. Then it will make your networking experience smoother, efficient and problem free.

If you are installing a new router. Then, You have to install some hardware and software components with it. It is important to use compatible hardware devices and components. All the specifications of these components should be available when required. For example hard disk space, memory etc.

It is also one of the major problems which router users face. Issues such as unauthorized access when many simultaneous users get connected to your router, These users get access to your internet network and can use your router’s services. When multiple users access internet services from the same router by connecting to it at the same time. It slows down the speed of your internet. Thatswhy it is suggested that the router users should set the password on their routers. which can only be accessed by their selected and authorized users. It restricts unauthorized users from using it.

The place where you want to set up your router is very important. You should always set up your router in the center location. whether it is home, office or a company building. Don’t place your router where it’s signal strength is weak. You should not place it where it faces any interference in receiving internet signals. Always place your router in the place. Where its signals strength is strong with no interference. Otherwise, It may give you a hard time in accessing the internet and For example, Physical interferences like brick walls, sliding doors, metal frames may reduce and weaken the WI-FI signals by 25%.

Several times router users access the internet services of the router from a distant location. But there are some rules in networking tells us that Wi-Fi routers use standard 2.4 GHz band.  It can access internet signals of a router up to 150 feet (46 m) range in indoors and 300 feet (92 m) range in outdoors. If a user is using an old 802.11 router. Which works on 5 GHz bands will only cover one-third area of these distances. New routers like 802.11n and 802.11ac routers can work on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. But these two types of routers have the difference in accessibility range as both routers work on different bandwidths. As we study in physics that, 5 GHz Wi-Fi connections are more prone to the interferences than the 2.4 GHz wi-fi routers.

You can connect more than 250 devices with the wireless router and its access points. You can connect between one to four devices via wired Ethernet medium to your router. Around 300 other devices can also be connected to your router through the wireless network. If you have connected 100 devices with Wi-Fi router giving you 300 Mbps internet speed. Then it will provide your users the speed of 3 Mbps (300/100).

1. You have to type in the address bar of your browser and click on “Enter”.

2. Now you have to enter the router’s User Name and default Password to open the router’s main settings page.

3. After that the main settings page will appear, Then the user will be asked a question. If you want to “Check for Update.” This time a user should Click on the “Cancel” option. A user can also check for new firmware updates available. Even after they get connected to the Internet.

4. Now have a look at the left side of the window. You will see the first option of the setup wizard. Click on it and ensure that Yes is selected. Now, Click on the next option and follow all the instructions and prompts provided by the setup wizard. When Setup Wizard completes the detection of your connection, The Basic Settings page appears and shows you all the settings. After doing this, Now the user is connected to the Internet.

5. If the user’s internet service provider wants you to enter your User Name or Password, Then you have to enter your information into it. If you don’t have that information, Then you have to surely contact your internet service provider for that. setup wizard

Firstly, You need to visit to set up a secure wireless network. When a router is secured, Then your gaming devices such as  Xbox, Play station 3, wireless laptops, and other wireless devices. Which you want to connect to your internet router can safely connect to the Internet.

1. Now go to the main menu page at, Click on the Wireless Settings.

2. You have to give a name to the wireless network of your router. Give it a name you want to give it. Assign a name. The router’s manufacturing company name is router’s default name in almost all new routers.

3. Choose the type of security you want on your router. Many of the routers recommend WPA-PSK (TKIP) +WPA2-
PSK (AES). Now you have to enter a password of your choice which you could remember. You can enter a password like Alex@4527. Both the username and password established on the network are case sensitive. For example, If you want to connect other devices with your router or internet network. Then you need to enter the same security type, Same username, the same password. which you had set up earlier on your router.

4. In the end, Click on Apply option and close down your browser. Forgot password

Always be careful about your password. It should not be a simple, Sequential and a number. For example Nickster@9056. This password is perfect. This password consists of a capital letter in the starting alphabetical characters, special characters, and numerical characters.

We the, Provide all the router users with the help and assistance in all router-related issues. Because we know that setting up a router and updating its firmware is not that easy as it seems. It is a long procedure. It takes too much time to do that. Ultimately, Most of the people can’t do that and get stuck between the process of setting up a router. That is why we are here to help you with your all routers related problems.

No matter which company’s router, configurations, firmware you are using. If you face any problem with your router. you can simply contact us on our router support, to get assistance in all of router related issues. We have a professional team of technicians and experts. Who are motivated and always happy to help you and fix all your routers related issues in no time.

Our technicians at believe in customer satisfaction. We will provide you with the best assistance and give you satisfactory results through our services. We employ the best networking experts from all around the world. Who are experienced and have high skills in the field of networking. If you want any assistance you can contact us on our technical support number.

Router login genie index htmRouter login genie index htm

You can call Router login genie index htm as an index of things to do while setting up your old router. As well as new one for the first time. You can call this age as an internet age. We cannot imagine today’s world without the internet. You can say that the internet is a basic necessity of life such as food, shelter, cloth now. You can add the internet into these basic necessities of life. Now, You can use the internet to socialize, Promoting the business, Offices, Home, and everywhere. It can give you the information about almost anything you want. It can do a lot more than you think it can.

Internet boomed rapidly after 2005. Before 2005, Only professionals, businessmen had access to the internet for their use. common people didn’t have their reach to the internet. But anyone can use the internet in almost everywhere such as household, schools, universities, on androids and smartphones. A single individual can access the internet on their personal pc and phones for different purposes. Router login genie index htm can be used for setting up your router.

Role of an Internet Router at Router login genie index htm

Router, Router login genie index htm plays a very vital role in internet connectivity, working, and functions. In simple words, We can say that the Router sends the internet signals to all your devices connected to it on the internet network. With its help, Users can access and use the internet on their personal devices. The router sends the data packets from the source node to the destination node.

Let’s get this thing simple you can call data packets as the smallest units of information. Data packets trigger from the source node. Which is called a source of information(the internet). The router and Router login genie index htm transmits these data packets to their desired destination IP addresses. The router receives these data packets from the internet and sends them to the desired connected devices on that same network. For example phones, computers and all other devices connected to the router.

Sometimes unauthorized users get access to your internet router. These users access your internet network without your permission. You should not share your Wi-Fi router’s password with anyone. You should change your router’s password regularly unless these unauthorized users will use your internet connection. They can cause you issues in using your router.

Tips to keep in mind while using routers and Router login genie index htm

At first, When we set up the wireless routers at the Router login genie index htm. Then, We have to install it at the center of the house. It could be the place where devices can connect to the router from all the parts of the house or a building and get strong wi-fi signals. For example, set up the wireless router with 2.4 gigahertz configuration in the center of your house. Such as the living room of your house. so that you will be able to access the internet in your bedroom, swimming pool and all parts of the house.

Don’t install your router in the place where it faces interferences in its signals from many things. Such as brick block, solid things. These things interrupt the internet signals of the router. If you install your router there. You may face issues regarding slow internet speed and connectivity. Don’t set the simple password on your router which people near you can unblock. Sometimes people set the passwords such as abcdefgh or 12345678 on the Router login genie index htm. These passwords are very easy to break. You have to set up the password by making use of characters, string, and numbers For example Evans@2543. Please don’t set the passwords which you cannot remember. Because if you do that. You may face a hard time resetting the things to the basic.

Router login genie index htmWhen you install any router at Router login genie index htm either it is new or an older one. After that, you have to install the compatible hardware and software components. The hardware components you install should be compatible with the configurations of your router. Same rules go out for the software components. Which you have to use with the router. You should update these hardware and software components regularly for improving the efficiency of the router.

When you connect all your devices to the internet router. Then internet router divides internet speed among all the devices connected on the same network through a router. For example, If your router is currently giving you 300 Mbps internet speed. Then if 100 people connect to it. Then everyone will get an average speed of 3mbps. So, don’t connect too many devices to your router. You may face several issues when you do that. It will reduce internet speed.

Types of routers we can setup via Router login genie index htm

1. Wired routers: Wired routers can connect to the various devices and provides internet connectivity through a wired medium. Such as Ethernet cables and powerline. In wired routers, fewer devices can connect to a router through its access points. These devices can access the internet connection through a wired medium.

2. Wireless routers: In wireless routers, one to four devices can connect to the router into its access points. Other than that it can connect more than 250 devices to it in wireless mode. These devices don’t need any wired medium to get connected to a router and get internet access. It routes internet signals to all connected devices and provides internet connectivity to them.

While setting up your router you will get two major things in it
1. setup wizard
2. wireless security wizard at Router login genie index htm

Setup wizard: Setup wizard is used for installing and setting up your router. It includes a series of prompts and instructions which user has to follow to set up their router. Hence, Your router is connected with your internet network.

Wireless security wizard: Wireless Security wizard is used to login into your router with given username and password and changes it according to your choice. Give it a username of your choice and choose its security type. Then change its password which contains (characters, numbers, string) etc. which you can remember.

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1. Don’t always go for the routers which have their names with AC
2. Always buy a router which works on dual -band or more than that.
3. The router should have MU-MIMO or 802.11ac Wave 2 support.
4. A router should have a large ram memory and a fast processor for fast processing of data.
5. The router you purchase preferred to have USB 3.0 support.
6. A router must have an app which you can use on the smartphone. A user can control its functions and operate their router whenever they want.
7. It must have a good and fast networking speed.

A user might have to spend $50-100 to buy a router. It includes the cost of modem, cables which are usually used with it. The internet cost would be around $20-100/ month. It depends upon the speed of the internet and the service provider for getting the internet service. A router device connects to the ISP (Internet service providers ) modem. Router’s hardware allows users to share their broadband connection with many computers and devices. Wireless routers are less expensive as compared to wired routers. We recommend you to only buy a wireless AC router.

If you are using a router for over than 3-4 years. Then you should replace that router. The reason behind it is that your router and Router login genie index htm might not support 802.11n. It is a Wi-Fi technology which is used worldwide. This router might give you slow speed and weak internet connectivity. A router looks just like any box. Which has four to five ethernet ports in its back. Which connects ethernet wires to the internet network. You can use one of these ports to connect a modem. You can connect the computers and some other devices in the remaining ports. But, Nowadays many routers provide users with wireless internet connectivity. In wired routers, their devices connect to the router physically through a wire. If you want to login into your account then you can visit (

Services we provide at Router login genie index htm

If you are facing issues even after completion of the router set up process. This means that you have done something wrong while setting up your router. In this case, You must contact the router support to figure out the real problem. They will guide you that which step you have done wrong. Then router support will help you and give you their assistance. They will help you in figuring out the problem and setting up the router.

For example: If there is anything which requires troubleshooting. If anything needs to be correct, for the proper functioning of the router then router support will do it for you. As we Router login genie index htm are dealing with router-related problems from the last many years. We have the experience and skills to solve the router related problems. Our technicians and experts know what exactly needs to be done in particular issues related to the routers.

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