Router Security

Router connectivity function and specifications are popular home networking devices. Possibilities may arise when security settings need to be changed on the router. For example, security settings will need to be changed to open a port to the Internet or to change the WEP or WPA security key necessary to access the router and the network. Routers security is not only the foundation of the Internet they are the foundation of how your company communicates both externally and internally. Additionally, there is a strong trend towards converging voice, data, and even video into a single network running IP. With this push, routers are becoming the foundation of data, voice, and video communication. With this convergence, almost all of a companyís information will pass through routers, causing them to become extremely attractive targets.

router security

Even though different routers may run different IOS versions, routers inherently trust other routers. They trust one another in order to exchange routing information, allowing them to correctly transfer packets and route around problems. Once a single router is compromised, this trust can be exploited to manipulate other routers on a network. For this reason, it is advantageous to assume that all routers on the network share the same level of vulnerability. This level should be equal to the vulnerability of the most vulnerable router on the network.

The threat to external routers is generally greater due to their visibility Other routers may provide access to secured or trusted networks, and their compromise would cost much more than a router connected to a public lab or test area.

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How to secure your wireless network through Router security

Before long a lot of people know your wifi password and people can connect to your router any time they pass by your house. wifi systems can extend beyond the walls of your home. Once the password for access gets out in the world, it is very difficult to control who can access your home network.

Here are some major issues You may deal with are as follows:

  • Firstly, You need to control who can actually get on your network.
  •  The second problem is that of the signal footprint. If people outside your home can pick up a signal from your router they can also capture data and reap all of your passwords.

Some other important tasks to improve the security of your network are as follows:

  • Always Make complicated Router password: If You give visitors the password to your wifi they can enter it and gain access to your home network indefinitely. If you have kids and their friends come over, they will probably want the password to make your password a random sequence of letters, numbers, and special characters, mixing uppercase and lowercase so no one could ever remember it.
  • Change the router Admin credentials: You can access the console of your router from any device connected to the network Most of manufactures setup the administrator Account with the given username and password this is the simplest way to connect with the network. it is also automatically configuring your router settings With a bit that how anyone can connect to the router.
  • Change the network name: Free network detection software lets hackers see all the surrounding wifi networks. The hacker doesn’t need to know which home the signal comes from because he needs to break into your house in order to get into your network.

Router security Issues and solution

Router Security and performance are of the utmost importance to routers across all product lines. This is not just through the development process but also through regular firmware updates to comply with the current safety and quality standards. It is very difficult to find the issues in old routers. These issues can be network related issues, connectivity related issues, setup related issues etc.

We will see some of the issues which router users generally face with their routers. Users should perform every step in accordance with the router’s user manual. Users can also download the installation guide and read it from the router’s manufacturer website.

Designing a  Router security solution

Therefore, you need to design a solid security solution to deal with these threats. This solution also should be easy to maintain and should be flexible enough to handle changes in your network. Here is a simple checklist that should describe your security solution are as follows:

  •  It is easy to use and implement  It also should be easy to monitor and maintain. If a security solution is complex, with a lot of configuration tasks to perform and management systems to monitor, you might be making your security worse.
  • In other words, you should not have to change your security system completely to accommodate new applications. Remember that your security solution should meet the outline created in your security policy, and your security policy should allow your company to meet the goals that were developed in its business plan.


The Router security setting controls the type of authentication and encryption used by your Wi-Fi router, which allows you to control access to the network and specify the level of privacy for data you send over the air.

router security

  • Using a computer with a local area connection to the router, log in to the router open a browser window and enter the router’s local IP address.
  • Enter the user ID password and click to login Once it logged in to the administration interface, the Basic Settings page is the point of entry. On the Basic Settings page, the IP address may be set as dynamic or static
  • To set wireless security for the router, for example, to change the WEP key select Wireless Settings from the left navigation menu. On the Wireless Settings page, WEP may be enabled, disabled or specified with a preset key.
  • create a Security Encryption Key. To do this, enter a word in the Passphrase field and click Generate The application will automatically generate
  • Select one of the generated keys for your encrypted passcode by clicking the radio button next to the option. Click Apply to save.
  • Now connect a computer to the network and enter the encryption key selected during this configuration.

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Major Flaw On Router security

Researchers have uncovered a weakness in the system used to secure Wi-Fi networks that could allow hackers to access data including passwords and emails. The security flaw affects WPA2, an encryption protocol commonly used to secure Wi-Fi networks. The protocol protects communications between laptops, mobile phones and other devices connected to routers or hot spots. When users set up their router. They have to also set up the username and the password of their router. But sometimes users forget the username and password of their router settings  If they want to add any new device on the network. They fail to do so. Many times our wireless network does not appear in the list of the wireless networks available.

Router security

If you will remember the username and password of your router. You will never face these kinds of issues. When you set up your router. You have to install it very carefully because one wrong step can generate many settings related problems for you. Follow all the instructions and prompts very carefully. During setup or installation process enter your Router security settings

This can be abused to steal sensitive information such as credit card numbers, passwords, chat messages, emails, photos, and so on In a video, the researchers demonstrate how the flaw can be used to view usernames and passwords for supposedly secure sites.

Technical Support  Assistance for Router security

A router is a systems networking gadget that advances information between PC  Switches play out the movement coordinating capacities on the Internet. In Order to Setup a Normal or an Advanced Wifi Router security, we need to make sure that we have Working Internet Connections From Our Internet Service Provider.

Most Important thing while setting up  Router security settings is to make sure we set up a Username & Secure Password but usually, we find problems getting these few steps done perfectly. We are the ones who can give you great help for all those who are having trouble understanding the details about Routers and another device. All you need to do is call us and share the issue that you are facing with our support team.

We have experienced networking technicians and networking experts. They have a good and long experience of networks related issues they are able to resolve these issues easily. We employ technicians and experts from all around the world so that we would be able to provide our customers with the best assistance. Our technicians believe in customer satisfaction. We fix all router or network and other related issues and give our customers complete satisfaction of the work or the task which has been done. by our tech support team